The Insignia is, all things considered, older than an old dog. In two days time the Insignia will celebrate its eighth anniversary since its debut. In these circumstances, an refresh is dearly needed to keep things fresh.
 The new Insignia will apparent will step into the spotlight at the 2017 Paris Motor Show, which opens its doors to the public in October. It will be bigger, longer, wider, yet sleeker and lighter. The key to its lightness is the E2XX platform, a vehicle architecture which succeeds the Epsilon II.

As far as exterior design is concerned, the 2017  Insignia won’t be a showstopper. It won’t be ugly either. Between it and its Opel and Holden surrogates, the second-generation Insignia will differ in only two ways: the badge, of course, and the design of the front grille. Depending on the market, the 2017 Insignia will be available with a varied assortment of engines. In the UK, four-cylinder turbo units will have to suffice. Word has it that a 1.0-liter three-banger is also in the cards, but were hard pressed to believe it.

A high-performance VXR/OPC specification will be made available as well, but not much is known about what sort of powerplant will motivate it. The current model, for example, has its four wheels driven by a 325 PS (320 horsepower) 2.8-liter force-fed V6 powerplant. We’re willing to bet a couple of quid that engine won’t be available in the new Insignia VXR /OPC for a simple reason: it’s based on the HFV6 engine family, which dates back to 2004.




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