This day is a must for those who love style icons and classic cars.

Germany’s largest one-day vintage car meeting is taking place for the 18th time at the Opelvillen in Rüsselsheim on Sunday, June 24. Organized by the city of Rüsselsheim in cooperation with Opel, around 3,000 vintage car owners present their driving jewels of all brands up to model year 1988 – from automobiles and tractors to motorcycles and bicycles. There is also an entertainment programme with live music and cabaret shows on the large classic event grounds. Free visitor parking is available at the Parkhaus Mainzer Straße, at the Opel gate M60 as well as at the Adam Opel Haus parking lots on Rugby-Ring. Shuttle buses will run between the parking areas and the event venue. Admission and participation are free.

“The annual classic meeting at the Opelvillen is more than just a vintage car event. It’s a journey through time into the past that showcases the pioneering spirit that has always driven and still today continues to drive Opel: to design innovative vehicles with top technologies that turn heads,” says Opel Managing Director Human Resources and Labour Director Anke Felder. “Today, our flagship Insignia embodies this par excellence.”

Opel Exclusive transforms every Insignia into a special unique model

That is why Opel has come up with something very special: visitors can admire a historic Commodore GS/E in its contemporary 1972’s lacquer, a very sporty citrus yellow. Right next to it will be a brand-new Opel Insignia Grand Sport in the exact same color! This works thanks to the sheer endless possibilities Opel Exclusive offers. The Rüsselsheim masters of customization have precisely recreated the colour according to the original finish of the Commodore. In fact, every vintage car fan can order an Insignia in the colour of his favorite classic model, for example in Ferrari red, British Racing Green or in the Opel Motorsport look. Customers can choose from a variety of finishes ranging from pearlescent to metallic to tinted clearcoat. There are also other highlights such as different wheel rim designs and decor elements.

90 years ago: Opel enters the rocket era with the RAK 2

The 18th Classic Meeting starts at 9 a.m. with the introduction of the first vintage cars arriving at the Opelvillen. From 10 a.m. the Opel Classic icons are the center of attention, when Rüsselsheim city councilman Nils Kraft and Opel Managing Director Human Resources and Labour Director Anke Felder arrive with brand ambassador Joachim Winkelhock in proper style in a motorcade at the Opelvillen. Anke Felder will drive the sleek rally car Commodore B GS/E from 1972. Le Mans winner “Jockel” Winkelhock will pilot an Opel GT. As further guests of honour, the designers Erich Bitter and Erhard Schnell are expected.

With the RAK 2, Opel commemorates the start of the rocket era in 1928. The 1964 Kadett A Coupé, the Rekord C and the Commodore B GS/E on exhibit demonstrate just how inspiring classic vehicles are with their contemporary paint finishes. The elegant, sporty Commodore A debuted in 1967 with the legendary smooth-running 2.5-litre inline six-cylinder unit and a stately 115 hp. A GS version with twin carburetor and 130 hp came on the market just one year later. Walter Röhrl proved just how sporty the following 1972 Commodore B GS/E with 160 hp actually was: together with Jochen Berger, he captured the Monte Carlo Rally class victory in 1973 with the start number 22.

Opel GT: “Only flying is nicer”

In addition, Opel Classic presents further models that made a mark in their day with their design and many innovations and thus have become true “Opel icons” of the respective decade. The best example is the Opel GT, which rolled off the assembly line for the first time 50 years ago. Its design is reminiscent of the strongly tailored shape of the classic Coca-Cola bottle, therefore called “Coke Bottle Shape”, and is as much of an eye-catcher today as it was back then.

The original “Experimental GT” was designed by Erhard Schnell and his team in the Rüsselsheim “Styling Studio” – the first design center of an automobile manufacturer in Europe. The public and media response at the presentation at the 1965 IAA exceeded all expectations, so that the Opel GT already went into production three years later. Just as famous as the car itself is the accompanying advertising slogan “Only flying is nicer”. The original GT of 1965, the electric GT of 1971 as well as the diesel record car of 1972 can be admired at the Classic Meeting. In addition, about 50 GT owners are expected to exhibit their darlings in a special area at the Opelvillen. The father of the GT Erhard Schnell will also be on site to talk about the sensational story of how his baby was created.



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