Analysis of driving behaviour during the 2018 FIFA World Cup this summer suggests that in the excitement of a big match, young drivers may be tempted to speed too. And that could spell danger for everyone on the road.

During the World Cup, in the hour before England games kicked off, speeding among our drivers increased by over a fifth. The bigger the game, the more people speeding. Before the knockout games, speeding increased a further 10%. And ahead of the Croatia semi-final, speeding increased by a whopping 43%.

InsureTheBox also saw more speeding before weekend games – for every mile driven in the hour before a weekend game there was a 30% increase in the amount of speeding. Before the Sweden game (on a Saturday) young men were the drivers rushing home the most.

Young drivers in the Midlands were the most likely to hit the gas before the big games, with incidents of speeding rising by 46 percent during the group stage games. During the knockout stages, this increased to a huge 78 percent.

Unsurprisingly, meanwhile, Scottish and Welsh drivers were the least likely to put their feet to the floor before England’s games.



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